Vitamin C Therapy And Cancer

Vitamin C Therapy And Cancer

There are many metabolic therapies used to fight and treat cancer and one of them is intravenous high dose vitamin c therapy. It was proven a long time ago that a person could not take enough vitamin c orally to achieve the levels necessary to kill cancer cells.

Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a compound that is essential to life on earth and we find it in the smallest to the largest of organisms. And, most organisms are able to produce it “as needed”. Humans are primates and therefore don’t produce it on its own, we need to consume it through our diet, hence why vitamin c is called a vitamin.

So what does vitamin c actually do for us? Well, it’s a reducing compound or what is better known as an antioxidant. An antioxidant donates electrons where needed which is amazing in and of itself and very beneficial to our overall health. There are many times where a molecule needs an extra electron and those are called free radicals, so the antioxidant quenches free radicals. Free radicals are detrimental to our health so this is what we want and need to happen.

Now, something altogether different happens when vitamin c therapy is used intravenously in high doses. The vitamin c or antioxidants then donate electrons to copper or iron which we have an abundance of in our bodies. This process produces peroxides which are normal metabolic intermediates used in all sorts of metabolic situations.

The key point to understand is that normal healthy cells have an enzyme that converts these peroxides into water and oxygen. Cancer cells do not have this enzyme and therefore can’t covert these peroxides and the cells end up dying. That’s why we use metabolic therapies like vitamin c therapy because they are beneficial to healthy cells and they kill the bad cells or cancer cells.

The cancer cells can’t metabolize the antioxidants or vitamin c.

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